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Von Bergen SA is a Swiss transport and logistics company with family-owned roots, drawing upon an extensive nationwide and international operational network.

We propose much more than simple road, air or maritime services: we propose a genuine partnership and enthusiastically welcome even the most urgent requests. Confidence brings peace of mind. We manage your orders, implement them and track them, saving you a considerable amount of time!

We are a reliable, discreet and professional intermediary: a vital link in your supply and distribution chains. We efficiently link suppliers, consumers, traders and originators in Switzerland and abroad based on a simple “between you and me” business relationship.

Brief overview of our services

National transportation

To cover the whole of Switzerland.
Fast, reliable and punctual.

International transportation of part loads, half loads and full loads

To access everything and anything, anywhere, by road, water or air. Flexibility, confidence and accessibility.


To manage all of your logistical requirements, from simple storage to even the most complex preparations.
Security, availability and efficiency.

Industrial removals / crating

To organise your removals, from a simple machine up to a complete production site.
Efficiency, autonomy and security.


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Professionnalisme, respect, passion.