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Von Bergen SA proposes state-of-the-art transport and logistics services. With our flawless service and our thorough knowledge of traceability and remote management technologies, we guarantee peace of mind, security, value for money and punctuality. We also take pride in complying with all laws and ensuring safety and protection for our ecological environment.

Von Bergen SA is also and above all an easily accessible and always available partner. We can propose targeted advice and services according to your company’s needs. Everything takes place “between you and me”: from the supplier to the consumer.



In 1894, Marc von Bergen founded a horse-drawn carriage company in Chaux-de-Fonds. Initially specialised in the transportation of wood, the company quickly set up an increasingly extensive operational network and forged relationships based on trust and confidence with clients.


A family-owned company, it then passed to Melchior von Bergen who bought the first truck powered by an internal combustion engine in 1938 (Opel Blitz). This was the dawn of a new era! Distances increased and travel times shortened!


In 1955, Jean von Bergen joined the business. Young and enterprising, he was full of ideas and investment strategies: he acquired his first semi-trailer. Thanks to his abilities as a visionary, the volume of merchandise shipped nationally and internationally (Europe and the Middle East) increased substantially in less than 20 years.


From year-to-year, the company exported to countries in different regions, opened new road transport and logistical centres, changed legal status and managers, and expanded in a dynamic and ambitious way, emerging as a leader in the transport field!


1894Marc von Bergen creates a horse-drawn carriage company

1938Melchior von Bergen purchases the first engine-powered truck

1973Jean von Bergen opens the Crêt-du-Locle Road transport centre

1998Von Bergen & Cie becomes an LTD

2008Von Bergen SA becomes a Holding company

2009Marc von Bergen officially opens the Domdidier Logistics Centre