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Von Bergen SA, offers more than just transport. We also provide logistical services, from the simplest storage operations to the most comprehensive order management activities. The whole logistics chain, from stock provision requests and collection through to drop-offs on the platform, are handled by our teams and monitored by our software. We can manage all the complexity of these different operations, leaving your hands free for other things, by proposing a long-term partnership “between you and me”.

Advanced stock management

Thanks to the scope of our knowledge and the quality of our resources, we will help you achieve optimal management of your logistical flows, not only for supply and distribution transport services but also stock management and warehousing activities. From your side, you can access our stock management IT system, guaranteeing coordination between suppliers, customers and service providers. You can completely track and map stocks and stock movements. In total security!

Process optimization

What’s more, you can manage withdrawals from and additions to your stock of merchandise – upstream (with the organisation of forwarding to a logistical site) and downstream (organisation of the distribution of your merchandise to your customers). When your goods leave our storage facilities, we prepare for their delivery under the best possible conditions, performing inspections and inventories, and managing the recycling of empty packaging.

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