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Industrial removals / crating

Including industrial removals, lifting and handling, packing and packaging, the transportation and connection-disconnection of machines or production resources… Von Bergen SA plans and implements all your requirements, from a simple machine to a complete factory. Everything takes place “between you and me”!

Industrial removals from A to Z

For decades, our company has been known and recognised for industrial removals, lifting, special transport services and abnormal loads. As a specialist in industrial removals and company furniture removals, we have extensive experience in specialised fields such as timepiece making, pharmaceuticals, micro-technology, the medical sector and hospitals. From a small machine to complete site, our experts handle the whole process, from organising the transport to dismantling and reassembling machines, in addition to handling, lifting and installation, including electrical connections.

Customized packagings and solutions

Our industrial crating service, which is specialised in the production of approved bespoke packaging meeting the strictest standards, is a useful addition to our removals service. Our high quality products guarantee optimal safety and security for your machines, parts and high-value equipment from the moment it’s packed, until unpacking at the time of delivery. Our experienced team can support and advise you all stages of production, from the design request to the final implementation work. Our solutions are designed on a bespoke basis. To assist you when planning your removals, our specialised staff can provide you with advice, performing a site visit and a technical audit when required. Each project is the subject of a detailed analysis and the feasibility of each request is examined at length – enabling us to propose rational solutions minimising production stoppages in as far as possible.

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